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Northern Downpour sends its love...

More bullshit than you can count on your fingers and toes.

Booooo humans.
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I just read an article about "Why being environmentally consious is BAD."
And then there's all these reader comments underneath like, "I agree! Solar power? Who can afford that? Nobody! Eliminate the Mexicans!"

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So I found Panic's missing explanation point. Apparently TAI stole it and stuck it into their "is".
: ) And after seeing this show, William Beckett is officially the greatest human being in existence.


Crimson Cabaret
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Okay, so I figured that since I've been making some friends on Live Journal, all of which are Panic at the Disco fans, I figured I'd start uploading some of the fanart of the band which I've drawn.

Full, high quality version and other art at http://www.shadowofthefallen.deviantart.com

Don't let him disappear!
Unfortunately, the gang can't start their Honda Civic tour this month. There's been...a problem.

See, Ryan had a tough morning and had to rush. So he didn't eat breakfast. Because of the lack of actual substance that he needed to offset his ridiculous skinniness, When Ryan stepped out of the shower and turned sideways to grab a towel, he disappeared.

The rest of the band still can't find him.

They're out on the streets holding Ryan's favorite ice cream and calling out for his name. Every once in a while, they hear him calling for help, but the voice comes from all directions. As if he exists in all places at one time.

He has defied time-space and dimension as we know it.

We can only hope that some random food item may find its way into his tiny mouth and bring him back into the material realm. If not, he may continue to whither away until there is nothing left at all.

I'm starting a "Feed Ryan Ross" fund, if anybody's interested. We meet every Friday, collect donations and then sit in a circle with a guitar and sing, hoping that Ryan will hear our cries and come back to us.

Panic at the Disco on SNL
We's boys.
Tonight on Saturday Night Live, Panic played Nine in the Afternoon and I Write Sins Not Tragedies. I'm really starting to hate Sins, and the band does too. So it annoys me that they did that song.

How it SHOULD have went down:

SNL Producer: Okay, guys, here's the set list. First you're going to perform Nine in the Afternoon, and then I Write S--

Brendon: FUCK that song! ::Flips desk:: ::Security has to come in and tackle Brendon to the floor and sedate him::

SNL Producer: Look, guys, you're doing Sins and that's final. =_=

Ryan: ::Interlocks fingers and stares the man in the eyes:: Oh really. Well, if that's the case, then SPENCER WILL KILL YOU.

Spencer: ::Cleaning out fingernails with a hunting knife:: ::Gives the FIERCE look::

SNL Producer: ::Looks to Jon who nods knowingly:: O_O Meep. Okay, okay, you can do That Green Gentlemen...

Ryan: Nice doing business with you. ::The band stands abruptly, hoists Brendon, who is foaming at the mouth and singing "The wheels on the bus" on top of their shoulders and walk out all bad-ass::


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